What is HTML5 and how it can benefit your web solutions?

HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML which allows computers and other devices to understand codes in an easy manner. It comprise of many amazing features including:

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Canvas

  • Even, it has become the most powerful tool that can help you in creating your website template affordably and conveniently. This new technology has fascinated web developers to learn and adapt its elements to their website templates to make it unique and delightful. So, it’s a high time to go for some innovative web solutions like HTML5 so that you get the advanced experience. HTML5 is built up on a ground to remain as clear as possible. As each element of HTML5 structure has designed with header, content and footer tags. Therefore, the code is simple, clean, easy to understand and most importantly SEO Friendly. Today, HTML5 is best known for its animated content and less expense. HTML5 also comprise of a feature known as a "Canvas", which will allow for the development of games, and entertaining content.

    What We Are Offering?

    We specialize in offering services related to the HTML5, Word Press, Flash, Tablets, iPad and Mobile Development. In addition, you can avail our services related to:

  • Conversion of Flash Sites to HTML5

  • Convert e-learning flash projects in HTML5

  • HTML5 Game Development

  • HTML5 E-commerce Development

  • HTML5 Mobile Application Development

  • Hire HTML5 Developers

  • What’s more, we are the leading caterers to IT and mobile industry to offer latest applications for Smartphones like iPhone, iPAD, Android Tablet, Blackberry, and for all others. With the bunch of extremely advantageous services that we offer to our world wide clients, we are entitled as effectual, logical and remarkable "WEB SOLUTION" for all your issues.

    Our Services

    Design : Our designers will convert your flash design into an HTML5 design – powered by a simple to use Content Management System : WordPress 3.0 Content Migration :

    MOBILE WEBSITE SEO for Flash Website Iphone Development HTML5 Game Development HTML5 Ecommerce Development HTML5 Mobile Application Flash Animation to HTML5 Animation Hire HTML5 Developers

    Flash To Html5 Conversion

    It is high time to start migrating flash based web sites to html5. This conversion will give your website Higher Rankings & Leads within a short time period. After conversion search engines will fully crawl and index your new HTML5 content, so your search rankings will increase substantially. Instead of an obscure flash site, customers will be able to find you easily on the web. Your HTML5 website will become accessible on all current and future versions of mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers. Tell us your flash web site's url. We will create an HTML5 version of your Flash site so that it becomes visible to the five billion mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers in the world. After this the search engines like Google and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter will be able to find your website easily.

    Why Convert Flash to Html5

    Your lovely flash site already doesn't work on 180 MILLION+ iPads, iPhones, iPods, and it's unusable for another 5 BILLION mobile users! Now Adobe has also ceased further development on the Flash mobile browser plugin. In other words, within a certain period of time, future versions of the Android and BlackBerry Playbook browsers may not be able to render Flash content. Microsoft has already announced that the next version of Internet Explorer (IE10) on Windows 8 will not show flash content. With Flash ending its life on the mobile and desktop browser, virtually all flash based web sites will soon be moving to HTML5/CSS in order to accomodate the widest range of devices including desktop browsers. HTML5 is now becoming the next internet and mobile standard.

    What We Deliver

    Design : Our designers will convert your flash design into an HTML5 design – powered by a simple to use Content Management System : WordPress 3.0 Content Migration : We then migrate and set up all your flash content into WordPress. Deployment : Lastly, we can deploy your new mobile-friendly HTML5 site onto your servers or ours. Features We Will Deliver Redesigned website pages from Flash to HTML5 Customized CMS WordPress 3.0 Simple and Easy-To-Use Content Management Manage your site 24/7 What Do I Need To Do? Not that much really. Just send us your URL and our team does all the setup, migration, design, and deployment. No Flash Files Required. Don't have the original flash files? Don't sweat it. Our technology retrieves all your essential flash data to start the converting process. You can also hire us to add more customized widgets and design. *NEW : White Labeling Option +Agencies, Devs, Designers

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